Antarctic Isles

Antarctica, the loneliest continent, sacred and demanding of utmost respect, now lies behind us. I leave with the same sense of awe with which I arrived. Its towering walls, cold and resolute in their imposing stance, were the only company present for our departure. However, the company of ice was soon traded for the company of birds and seals as we arrived at the South Sandwich Islands—the precious jewel of the Antarctic. … More Antarctic Isles



I always said that if I get to go on this cruise to Antarctica I wouldn’t be satisfied with saying “I’ve been to Antarctica” so long as my feet haven’t set foot on the continent and my hands not felt the rock which comprises it. It is with great joy that I can now say, confidently, that I have been to Antarctica. … More Mainland

Festive Shenanigans

It’s a strange time of year to be away from family and home. I’m so used to spending my December holidays in the sweltering heat of Cape Town’s northern suburbs with a few visits to the beach and the maddening shops. However, the strangeness of spending this time of year in the antarctic only serves to add to the unique experience of being here…. … More Festive Shenanigans

Life at the Shelf

We have arrived to the staunch and imposing cliffs that mark the furthest reaches of the ice shelf. Like a white wall keeping out all but the most determined of intruders, it rises up before all who sail into these waters offering admittance to only the able and daring. The shelf does not encompass the … More Life at the Shelf

Bergy Waters

We’ve moved into—and almost through—the furious fifties with the screaming sixties awaiting our imminent arrival. By now we’ve spotted our first iceberg and the hype was real. I fell into the trap as well. But you can’t blame me—seeing an iceberg in person is truly something incredible to behold… … More Bergy Waters

Terra Firma

“I am currently typing away in a decidedly confused Cape Town where it is between rain and shine but certainly warm. In a way, it will be a lot like the place where I’ll be spending most of my time for just over the next two months—Antarctica.” … More Terra Firma