The Longest Day

My Journey to Antarctica Aboard the SA Agulhas II


This is a place for me to document my journey to Antarctica aboard the SA Agulhas II research vessel for the SANAE 56 relief voyage. The internet will be poor and uploading posts may take longer than I’d like, but I’m amped and I’m keen to keep those at home, South Africa, updated with my adventure.

I try my best, but please excuse me if I perform a bilge dump in the vast and often confusing ocean that is the English language.

In the widget at the bottom of each page there are links you can use to track the location of our vessel and, by extension, me.


SANAE 55 Video

This video from last year's cruise, SANAE 55, gives one an idea of what to expect on our cruise.

We hope to put together our very own kief video at the end of SANAE 56 as well.